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Wond II Project Supporters

Together we are transforming the Wond II concept into a Wond II Product. We are creating a hand-held “electromagnetic pick” for playing stringed instruments. Join the project and you’ll have chances to influence aspects of the Wond II design and features. And when it’s done, you’ll own your own Wond II.

Thanks to our amazing early subscribers the Wond II Project is off to a strong start with great momentum! If you are already one of more than 250 active supporters providing this energy, thank you!  Welcome to the Wond II Project! You are in at the beginning.
And here we go…

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Here is the plan:

It will take about a year.  First we’ll complete the Wond II design database. (Curious about the technology? Along the way I’ll reveal how the Wond II works). A few months from now we’ll be ready to make an initial prototype for Beta and agency testing. A limited number of supporters and collaborators will be chosen to help as Beta Testers. (Maybe 25 or so.)

After the Beta Test any needed revisions will be made. Then the Wond II goes into first production. Under our direction, a chosen set of service companies on the internet will translate the Wond II design database into streaming manufacture of actual Wond II EMpicks™ and will ship them out to customers.

During this month of April, you can come to own a Wond II simply by joining the Wond II Project as a supporter.  Contribute $19 a month for 9 months to support the project and a Wond II belongs to you as soon as it emerges from production.

Join now in April and save $28 bucks. Once it’s in regular production, the price will the Wond II will be $199. Get in now for $171 and watch it all happen from the inside!



Fine Print:

The project will offer supporters and customers a warranty on the Wond II. The more supporters and customers we have, the better the warranty we’ll be able to afford to offer. It’s too early to specify the warranty today, but once more business factors are known, we will develop a warranty.

There will be the usual legal language that goes with such a product – standard warnings about not eating it, etc.


Terms and Conditions:

This paid subscription entitles you to participate in the Wond II Project from inception to the successful production of multiple units of the Wond II. Participation includes access to view the project’s media and blog and to message the project with your observations and suggestions. Paid subscribers have “joined the project” and are supporters of the Wond II Project, which is funded directly by these paid subscriptions and by Paul Vo’s investment as the owner of the Wond II Project.

You may cancel this subscription at any time. However, past payments are not refundable.

Once all subscription payments have been made the subscriber becomes entitled to receive a Wond II from Wond II production. Once the Wond II Project enters the first production phase, the Wond II unit will be shipped to subscribers in the order established by the date of subscription until all subscribers have received their Wond II product. Shipping costs and any sales taxes due will be calculated and invoiced prior to shipping and are not included in the subscription price. (Shipping cost will of course depend on the destination. For the continental USA, shipping will be less than $10.)

The subscriber understands and agrees that the descriptions of the Wond II on the voinventions.com website represent the current vision and intent of the Wond II Project’s developer, Paul Vo. The Wond II definition may evolve during the course of development, perhaps due to the suggestions of subscribers, perhaps due to technical opportunities and constraints, and perhaps due to cost. The Wond II is targeted to sell for a $199 market price. With the help of your support and feedback, Paul Vo pledges to drive and guide the Wond II Project towards creating an appealing, compelling and useful product for musicians that will sell successfully and profitably in the marketplace.

Paul Vo has completed and shipped two successful Kickstarters in the past, meeting all obligations to backers. These were similar campaigns in that the creation of the products eventually received by the Kickstarter backers was funded by the Kickstarter campaigns, which were essentially pre-sales not very different from the Wond II Project. The Wond II Project started at an earlier point in development than Kickstarter projects do. Every effort will be made to complete this project within the 2017 calendar year through to shipping. However, this cannot be guaranteed. The subscriber will have the opportunity to see and understand any events, such as extended component delivery or production lead times, etc. which may influence the completion date. Paul Vo is very motivated to complete the Wond II through to production during 2017.

Through your participation in the project you’ll see and experience how the Wond II is developed from idea to reality. This is a vehicle for exploring some interesting things, and at the end you’ll have your own Wond II. Then: queue the music!

– Paul Vo

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