Dear Visitors,

I’ll be making ongoing changes to this website in preparation for the launch of the EMpick. I apologize if the site has seemed broken or non-functional. I think I’ve repaired these problems. Please email me if you find it isn’t responding.

The version of the EMpick I’ve been working on uses mostly analog components that haven’t been affected by the chip shortage, i.e., parts I could actually buy somewhere! Coming up with analog circuits to handle functions I’d previously thought could only be done using digital computation was quite a challenge, but this is now complete and I’ve moved on to the PCB design phase.

Once the PCB is completed I’ll send it out for assembly and we’ll have our first prototype to test and then demonstrate.

January 19 2023 update: PCB layout almost ready to send out. The project blog should be working. I will update it before the end of the month. Right now I don’t want to stop working on the PCB.

– Paul Vo