Vo-96 Specs

The Vo-96 system consists of two hardware elements, a powerful analog and digital signal processing (DSP) vibration control engine called the Core-96, and a transducer “pickup” with an attached user interface. Once installed you see only the transducer/interface, the rest is hidden safely inside the guitar.

The Vo-96’s operating software (firmware) at its current revision already defines an instrument that is powerful, deep, and great fun to play. Future firmware updates will be based on guitarists’ feedback.

Vo-96 Manual [PDF file]


•    12 physical sensoriactuator channels, 2 per string
•    96 virtual channels of harmonic control, 16 per string
•    Capacitive touch interface with LED status indication and lock-out
•    Power, harmonic blend and note duration touch-sliders
•    Adjustable modulation effects with instant preset save/recall
•    6 quick-change presets in 3 sets of 2 using odd, even and all harmonics
•    3 harmonic arpeggios unique to six presets independently triggered on 6 strings
•    Hex random harmonic modulation with average rate and amplitude adjust
•    Hex Tremolo with separate triggers per string and rate touch-slider
•    Bluetooth Wireless connectivity for firmware updates and TBD advanced features
•    No moving parts – built to last as long as your guitar
•    Attaches and removes without marring your guitar
•    Designed to run on optional internal battery power or external power adaptor
•    Optional 4/hr advanced LiFePo4 battery with integral charging
•    Hardware platform has large uncommitted resources for firmware expansion