Suitable Strings

VoInventions’s vibration control technology works best when the strings have certain magnetic and electrical properties.  Lately, several electromagnetically compatible commercial brands of strings have been introduced. I’ve tested the strings pictured here. These string types all work with the Vo-96 and are also suited to the Moog Guitar and the Moog Lap Steel. They are available in a variety of gauges.  You can find all these strings at, one of the few really well-stocked online string sellers. (Scroll down for the BEST!)


Ernie Ball Aluminum Bronze:

  • Moderate Vo-96 and Wond response
  • Wound 3rd.  1st, 2nd and 3rd respond best
  • Weak but acceptable magnetic properties
  • A different but interesting acoustic sound

Our Strings for Acoustic Synthesis:

  • Powerful response with Vo-96 and Wond
  • 11-52, 13-56, + 12 string set.
  • Wound 3rd, bronze acoustic appearance
  • A unique and interesting acoustic sound

D’Addario EXP Coated Bronze

  • Moderate Vo-96 and Wond response
  • Wound 3rd.  1st, 2nd and 3rd respond best
  • Weak but acceptable magnetic properties
  • The familiar coated acoustic string sound

Ernie Ball Slinky Cobalt Strings:

  • Acceptable for the Vo-96 and Wond
  • Plain G string, not suited to acoustic
  • Familiar electric feel and sound

D’Addario Pro Steels:

  • Perfect round wound string for Vo Tech!
  • Great for Moog Guitar & Lap Steel
  • Great for Vo-96 and Wond
  • Wound 3rd — but see below.
  • Great for electrics, and acoustics too!

Important Note:

  • These strings come in a great selection of gauges. You can get the EPS510 set for 10-46 light gauge use, or the EPS515, light top heavier bottom, or the EPS590 – medium gauge, or the EPS600 which I like to use, except I tune down a tone. Seriously! this is the round-wound to use with all Acoustic Synthesis devices.
  • Do you use the Wond on a bass guitar?  Try Pro Steels for bass – they have several bass sets. These work very well with the Wond.
  • Click through here to the D’ Addario site and the complete “Pro Steels” offering. 

GHS Stainless Steel Flatwound

  • Flat wound.
  • Great for Moog Guitar
  • Perfect for all Acoustic Synthesis.
  • Wound 3rd — but see note below.
  • Best Vo-96 harmonics! No Finger noise!

Important Note:

  • These strings are heavy gauge, 13 – 56. If you use a light-gauge string on your Vo-96 equipped guitar, consider buying this set and using the first 5 strings as your lowest five strings. Add a 0.009″ — 0.010″ plain steel string to use as your E1. This creates a light gauge flat-wound set of strings that have the best magnetic response of any set I’ve ever tested. You come out with 0.10″, 0.13″, 0.017″, 0.026″, 0.034″ and 0.044″ on the bottom – great slinky light gauge set.