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The Wond II Project
is creating the EMpick.
Work on the EMpick is
now back on track.
The EMpick prototype
is (slowly) EMerging!

( Please read the plan and the “fine print” further down the page. ) 

Please note: The EMpick pre-order period is over.

The EMpick will be for sale here when it and this website have been made ready.


Here is the plan:

The commercial name for this product will be the EMpick™. It is evolving as it escapes my imagination and becomes a real thing. We are getting closer and closer to the Beta test of the EMpick. Join the Wond II Project today and reserve your own EMpick!

After the Beta Test any needed revisions will be made. Then the Wond II comes out as the “EMpick” and goes into first production. Under our direction, a chosen set of service companies on the internet will translate the Wond II design database into streaming manufacture of the EMpick™ and will ship them out to customers.

You can come to own an EMpick simply by joining the Wond II Project as a supporter. Use one of the PayPal buttons to support the project and your EMpick will be shipped to you as soon as it emerges from production. Choose the deal you are most comfortable with – several small prepayments or one transaction in full.  Either way, until EMpick development is complete we are offering a significant discount. This helps you; your early pre-order helps us. Makes sense.

Today there are still less than 500 people ahead of you who have already reserved their EMpick. If you wait much longer, there could be a thousand people ahead of you. Today the price is still under $200, but it will eventually rise to $249 for off the shelf sales. Joining today helps the project by building our development budget – and it secures the best deal for you too. The best time to join the Wond II Project and reserve your EMpick is right now!



Fine Print:

Terms and Conditions:

This paid subscription entitles you to participate in the Wond II Project from when you join throuigh to the successful production of multiple units of the Wond II. Participation includes access to view the project’s media and blog and to message Paul Vo with your observations and suggestions. Paid subscribers have “joined the project” and are supporters of the Wond II Project, which is funded directly by these paid subscriptions and by Paul Vo’s investment as the owner of the Wond II Project. The new name for the product being created by the Wond II Project is the EMpick™

You may cancel this subscription at any time with no further obligation. However, your past payments are tied to funding the Wond II Project and the number of EMpicks to be manufactured depends strongly on the number of supporters. We must make commitments to parts suppliers based on these numbers. Refunds are therefore possible only in certain special cases and entirely at the discretion of Voinventions LLC.

Once all subscription payments have been made the supporter becomes entitled to receive an EMpick from the earliest possible production run. Once the Wond II Project enters the first production phase, EMpicks will begin shipping to supporters in the order established by the date of payment until all supporters have received their EMpick product. Shipping costs and any sales taxes due will be calculated and invoiced prior to shipping and are not included in the subscription price. (Shipping cost will of course depend on the destination. Addresses will be collected just prior to shipping. For the continental USA, shipping will be around $10.)

The subscriber understands and agrees that the descriptions of the Wond II on the website represent the current vision and intent of the Wond II Project’s developer, Paul Vo. The product definition is evolving during the course of development due to the suggestions of supporters, due to technical opportunities and constraints, and due to cost management. The EMpick product is targeted to sell for a $249 market price. Paul Vo pledges to drive and guide the Wond II Project towards creating an appealing, compelling and useful product for musicians that will sell successfully and profitably in the marketplace. Your support and feedback has a lot of influence on the outcome, so please keep your suggestions coming!

Paul Vo has completed and shipped two successful Kickstarters in the past, meeting all obligations to backers. These were similar campaigns in that the creation of the products eventually received by the Kickstarter backers was funded by the Kickstarter campaigns, which were essentially pre-production sales not very different from the Wond II Project. The Wond II Project started at an earlier point in development than Kickstarter projects do, and therefore began with a deeper discount. This discount is steadily reduced as the EMpick nears completion. Supporters will have the opportunity to see and understand any events, such as extended component delivery or production lead times, etc., setbacks, etc. which may influence the completion date. Paul Vo is very motivated to complete the Wond II Project through to production and shipping of EMpicks to supporters during 2018.

“Through your participation in the project you’ll see and experience how a complex electronic product is developed from idea to reality. This is a vehicle for exploring some interesting things, and at the end you’ll have your own EMpick. Then: queue the music!”

– Paul Vo

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