A couple of years ago while visiting in-laws in Asheville NC I paid a visit to designer Paul Vo who I was familiar with from his ground breaking work on the Moog guitar. My reason for the visit was to try out his latest invention, The Vo Wond, a hand held sustainer device powered by rechargeable lithium batteries with its roots in the amazing sustaining pickups found on the Moog guitar. I was amazed by its sound and excited that there was a new spin on this kind of tool, having been an E-bow user for many years. Its very different from an E-bow and I’ve been using it steadily for the last couple of years often to the neglect of my E-bow. There are some things about its use that have been a bit polarizing, mostly that the hand technique required is more difficult than an E-bow, and unlike the E-bow its important to keep the Wond away from the guitars pickups to avoid noise and interference. The cool thing for me is many of those noises are really wild in an industrial kind of way. Not only can I get conventional sustain effects, but skill saw and power tool noises, R2D2 chirps and bleeps, are available as well. And to think I won’t be needing my power drill anymore for gigs 😉 Recently I found out that Paul is redesigning the Vo Wond, and refining it, and planning to release a Version 2 sometime this next year. I’m very excited to see where he takes the new model and I’ve signed on to buy another when available. Hers is a 5 minute demo using the Wond while I build a loop track made up of Wond sounds .Enjoy

Bill Walker